The San Antonio Bar Association offers a Lawyer Referral Service to help you select a lawyer who best suits your needs.

If you need an attorney, please call the Lawyer Referral hotline at 210.227.1853.


Attention Attorneys!
The Lawyer Referral Service is a valuable source of clients for our members, and it needs more competent lawyers in all fields of law to handle the increasing number of client calls.

Attorneys who participate in the LRS are not obligated to accept any case that is referred to them by the service, and the clients are told from the outset by LRS staff that the attorney services are not free. The calls are screened first by the staff, and the clients are then referred to attorneys on a rotation basis according to the following criteria:  area of law, geographical location, and language preference.   The LRS is funded by annual member dues of $200 and by a 10% fee paid by the member to the LRS from any fees the lawyer receives in any referred case.

Not only does the LRS help our members expand their client base, it also provides a valuable service to the community by assisting those persons who have legal issues or questions but who do not know where to turn to find a lawyer who is knowledgeable in the area in question.

For more information on registration and membership requirements, contact Sylvia Hernandez, Lawyer Referral Director, at 210.227.8822 x15, or at


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