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WELCOME to the San Antonio Bar Association Civil District Courts Committee website!

The District Courts Committee is one of the judicial liaison committees established by the by-laws of the San Antonio Bar Association. The other judicial liaison committees are the federal district courts, court of appeals, county courts (at law), justice and municipal courts committees. The president of the SABA appoints the chairs of those committees. On a project-by-project basis, our committee has worked with those committees and with the Litigation Section of the SABA.

The purpose and goals of the District Courts Committee are to maintain cordial relationships between the bench and the bar, to make recommendations from time to time to the SABA Board of Directors with respect to the general method of selecting judges and the best means of securing competent persons for judicial offices in Texas and Bexar County, and perform such other duties as may be requested by the Board of Directors.


The committee has engaged in several projects and looks forward to creating and developing additional projects and programs. Members and others should notify the chair about proposed projects. The committee participates in the Community Justice Program each August at St. Mary’s University School of Law. The committee also assists the chair of the Brown Bag committee in creating, developing and presenting quarterly programs.

1. Bench Book of Bexar County, First Edition (2006)
Supplies are limited - call 210.227.8822 to purchase a book.

2. Guide to the Civil District Courts of Bexar County, with forms

3. Jury Selection and Voir Dire Examination in Civil District Courts in Bexar County (as printed in the September-October 2003 San Antonio Lawyer, p. 5)
The San Antonio Court of Appeals Issues New En Banc Opinion on Voir Dire (as printed in the November-December 2003 San Antonio Lawyer, p. 13)

4. Level 3 Discovery Control Plan form
    • Pre-trial Order and Order for Level 3 Discovery Control Plan
    • Motion by Plaintiff for Pre-trial Order and Order for Level 3 Discovery Control Plan

5. Motion in Limine
    • Sample form for General Motion in Limine by Plaintiff
    • Sample form for Order on General Motion in Limine by Plaintiff
    • Sample form for General Motion in Limine by Defendant
    • Sample form for Order on General Motion in Limine by Defendant
    • Proposed Standing Order in Limine

6. Motion for Summary Judgment Hearings Local Rule proposal

7. Annual Judicial Poll
    2006 results

8. Jury Questionnaire Project
    • Powerpoint presentation
    • Questionnaire #1
    • Questionnaire #2

9. Attorney Badge Project

10. Chart Prepared by Judge Larry Noll, Comparing and Summarizing ABA Civil Trial Practice Standards and Local Practice and Rules.


Dan Vana
O'Connell & Benjamin, L.L.P.
153 Treeline Park #200
San Antonio, TX 78209
t: 210.824.0009
f: 210.824.9429


Carl Robin Teague
Law Office of Carl Robin Teague
115 E. Travis Street, #1739
San Antonio, TX 78205
t: 210.222.1739
f: 210.222.1729



The Civil District Courts Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month at 12 noon on the 5th Floor of the Bexar County Courthouse.

The chair gives notice of the meetings and agendas by email to the members through a distribution list. Members may add to upcoming agendas at any time. You are invited to attend our meetings. Our meetings are informal. Lunch is served. Reservations must be made through the chair, normally by email reply to the notice of meetings. Send an email to the chair, requesting that your name and email address be added to the distribution list. All of the civil district judges are members of the committee. Some attend on a regular basis. After each meeting, the chair prepares a Committee Corner Report, which serves as the minutes of the meetings. The reports are published in the section of the SABA Subpoena under the heading of Committee Corner Reports.

Members and others should of course notify the chair about topics or speakers for meetings.


Civil District Courts
Directory (PDF)

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